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Dr Angela Wilson


Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another. Albert Einstein

Human beings can solve problems much easier when they understand deeply how universal energy works and master some special tools.

There are six main themes, comprising of success, leadership, inspirational, adversity, diversity and vision/purpose, are some of the specific areas of application of the “Infinite wisdom experience” technique, particularly tailored for businesses and organization.

  • How not to attract the kind of success that brings you unbearable mental stress and instead, attain the real apex of success.
  • How to embrace the leadership style that produces actual results as opposed to the uncomfortable, enemy-breeding kind.
  • How to get to the zenith of self-motivation while dumping non-productive incentive mode.
  • How to detach from the fear of adversity; instead embrace the ability to turn adversity into the potter’s wheel of your potential.
  • How to avoid that unbearable load called multicultural pressure, instead maximize your potentials.
  • How to release from myopic vision; look into the unrestrained possibilities ahead.

About Dr. Angela Wilson

Dr. Wilson was born and raised in a residential building of a city hospital in China to parents who were medical doctors and were required to work 24/7 at their jobs. Her father’s Chinese herbal practice dates back 10 generations and was treating his patients at home. Dr. Wilson had the privilege of working alongside her parents and becoming the next generation of healers. She now makes her home in Australia.

Principal at Infinite Wisdom Academy, her studies and practice enable her to bridge western and eastern philosophies and techniques that is unique among the few universal principles practitioners and transformation therapists. She has a PhD in Parapsychology and Paranormal Science, with extensive studies in metaphysics and is the author of the Infinite Wisdom Experience series of books, available in 2016.

While she spent her life studying with more than a dozen world-class healers in modalities that range from psychology, nutrition, Qigong, health sciences, success science, sociology, and had mentors that included business elites and internationally renowned British psychics, she found as long as a technique is created with limited theory, the result is predictably to be limiting. It was through her personal journey that included surviving several life-threatening experiences that enabled her to see how the inner energy can work on immune system so to help people deal with all levels of difficulties and challenges in any aspects in life.

When the range and intensity of the problem was beyond the maximum range of techniques used, she was able to achieve extraordinary success by activating a systematic integration of her highest self through multiple techniques.

Angela spent decades in researching, testing and improving her potential activation technique to make it completely practical. Her approach breaks the limits set by differences in nationality, geographical location, race, language, colour, religion, value and believes. It can work for everyone.

With 45 years experience, the past 7 years in the Brisbane area of Australia, she has become a sought after keynote speaker. She works with individuals and delivers her highly powerful group workshops throughout Australia. Her popular The Infinite Wisdom Experience workshop series is designed for anyone aspiring to a more purposeful life.

With her extraordinary background and in-depth knowledge of alternative modalities, she has conducted extensive research into the complexities of the human condition and has discovered ways to create a consistent source of high positive energy force that can achieve a different life preference each time. Dr. Wilson’s work is based on proven ancient principles that have been shown to greatly and genuinely enrich lives.

Professional Qualifications

PhD, Parapsychology and Paranormal Science, Metaphysics.

Her practice includes “Infinite Master of Intuition” Practitioner, Transformation Therapist, Peak Performance Trainer, and the Harness of Infinite Potential, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, counseling, nutrition, diet, Qi Gong, I-Ching Reading, Soul Regression Therapy, psychic readings and past life regression therapy, life coaching, NLP coaching, energy healing, Time travel in the non-physical world.

Professional associations

  • National Speakers Association of Australia
  • API Toastmasters, VP Education, ACG & ALB Award
  • Australia Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnotherapy Council of Australia
  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists
  • Registered International Nutrition Consultant (USA)
  • Hypnotherapist of NGH (USA)
  • Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist of NB (USA)
  • Advanced National Nutrition Consultant (China)
  • Registered National Cook (China)
  • Registered Counseling Psychologist (China)
  • Registered National Hypnotist (China)
  • Registered National Social Worker (China)
  • National Association of I-Ching Science – Feng Shui (China)

Who can benefit:

Business owners, executive management, parents, couples…everyone, who choose to lead own life at any situation.

Program Information

The Infinite Wisdom Experience: Be a leader of life.

These workshops are tailored to the needs of our clients and are designed to help them achieve personal goals and lifelong growth. When you become a true leader of your life, you control every part of it. You can see the imbalance when you look at the remarkable Steve Job, who was an extra-ordinary leader and visionary in his industry, but unfortunately he got to chance learn and master such a powerful vital which led to unwanted tragedy.

“When I look back at all the challenges and obstacles in my own life, it became abundantly clear the powerful results came from the gift of control that I practiced through making part of me the all skills and qualifications that I achieved. ”

The training covers eight steps and allows you to choose the level you want to master for complete control and the freedom from trauma.

The skills you will learn will enable you to use your mind to control your body and apply the same control to every aspect of your life. As you get more flexible and reach a wider range, the more you will be able to get the results you want.

To reach this advance stage you will break all the limitations that hold you back from achieving your goals. These are talents buried in each of us, and we just have to mine them and bring them to the forefront.

Our workshops will provide the tools that you can apply to any situation, including health, career, business and relationships.

The benefits are:

  1. Develop consistently high performance, laser focus and high efficiency.
  2. Be able to deal with any unpleasant situation and eliminate daily frustrations.
  3. Become free of fear by applying appropriate stress management practices.
  4. Learn to choose and control your physical and mental health.
  5. Define your priorities and live your life in complete confidence.
  6. Having defined your priorities, you can design the direction of your life and manage it as circumstances change.
  7. Learn to master your connection with the internal and external world, and take proactive steps towards a healthier you.
  8. Develop powerful skills to help you make better decisions.

What clients say

Angela uses a very practical and effective approach to understand the root causes of any ailment. I appreciated her insight into my situation and the results have been extraordinary. I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.
—-Aida Samoor, Project Manager


I have lived with an incurable family disease and have tried both traditional and alternative help, including medication, kinesiology, hypnosis, and NLP for decades. When I was ready to give up hope, I found you, Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge.
—-Cyntia  Watson


“Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening. She has a gentle, caring manner. She has the skills to help you through the most complicated situations. I am happy to recommend her services to you, especially if you have been searching for answers for a long time.”


Angela’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered. The results for me were fast. She goes straightly to the points. Angela taught me how to apply her training in my daily life, so I do not need to rely on sessions. I have improved so much.. I strongly recommend her to anyone.
—–Darren, Health Practitioner


If you, like me, are looking for ways to improve your life on every level, then Angela is the person you want to work with.
She is very professional, approachable and works with care and compassion. Angela embodies peacefulness and employs a truly holistic healing approach

—-Midge Dowd

Contact information

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