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Jac Bowie

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Jac Bowie is a pre-eminent Australian entrepreneur, best known as the Founder of Business in Heels and multi-discipline producer in the arts.

These days, she is hosting her own Drive program on hit radio station Mix 104.9 in Darwin, along with producing on the side with Flourish Touring, a production company specialising in bringing internationally renowned business thought leaders to Australia and New Zealand to educate and nurture women in business, with a strong emphasis on high quality content. In 2017, Flourish will tour Natalie MacNeil of “She Takes on the World” in a series of intimate workshop style seminars, designed to help female entrepreneurs successfully realise their vision.

Producing and business are a natural fit for Jac. After her early career in cosmetics and then travel at Virgin Airlines, some well-timed career advice from Sir Richard Branson saw Jac change direction and dive head first into her passion for burlesque. She went on to produce high profile events around the world including Miss Burlesque International, The Burlesque Ball and The Ruby Revue, as well as bespoke events and entertainment for high-end clients such as the MoMA New York, Pacha Moscow, and was Tour Manager for the controversial Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. This was Jac’s first empire; it was here that she began to amass her now huge social media following of more than 30,000 Facebook fans and 20,000 Twitter followers, and started writing her book, as one does when one is at the top of one’s game.

And then it all fell apart. She found herself alone, couch-surfing with two kids, out of work and nursing a broken ankle to boot. It was then that an idea for a fresh approach to networking came to her, when she most needed the support of her network. The concept was simple: Attract the right women, put them in the right space, and allow them to connect socially. If they hit it off, they would find a way to work together. She called it Business In Heels, the name of her still unfinished book, and after three events was approached to license the event to another producer in Melbourne.

Less than two years later there were over 50 branches franchised across Australia, New Zealand, Spain, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Nepal, Canada and Thailand. This was Jac’s second empire. As the founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing women’s networking events in the world, she proudly presided at the head of an army of heel-clad business women wielding an appetite for success and a glass full of bubbles; but, as with many entrepreneurs, the time came to start something new, and she had learned that it’s best to get out while you’re on top.

So, after leaving Sydney to move to the Southern Highlands, selling Business in Heels and becoming engaged to her farmer in December 2014, Jac is working to her strengths producing for Flourish Touring on the side, and loving watching her small business Bowie Hair Therapy grow before moving up to the Top End to embark on her much awaited radio debut.

“She’s well on the way to creating her third empire – but can’t finish that book as the ending is still miles away!” PR Supremo – COURIER MAIL NEWSPAPER 2010

“Her shows have always been well thought out and have always displayed the highest and most professional of production standards. They have been well run, well publicized and well attended – which is very much the name of the game!” SAM CUTLER – EX MANAGER THE ROLLING STONES, THE GRATEFUL DEAD

“There is a reason why Jac Bowie is at the top of her game, she is the hardest working woman in the business. Whichever way you describe it, thinking outside the box, forward thinking she does it all, and she does it all in a fabulous pair of heels no less!!”NATALIE HARKER – IMPARTS

“Thanks @jacbowie for your great talk today. Inspiring, fresh and my favourite of the day” STUDENT from ENTREPENEURIAL LEADERSHIP IN ACTION, UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA

“Jac Bowie is an energetic, attention to detail producer who invokes a lot of enthusiasm into her projects.”STEWART D’ARRIETTA – LOOKING THROUGH A GLASS ONION

“During our time working with Jac over the past 7 year, she has shown to be an extremely diverse and energetic manager, artist and events operator. Jac Bowie’s connections within various areas of media has allowed some of the most prolific external PR and marketing campaigns we have been involved in within the ArtHouse.” BEN MCBEATH – ARTHOUSE HOTEL

Jac Bowie is a powerhouse of the rejuvenated Australian and international burlesque and cabaret movement. She is a highly motivated/organised entertainment producer, networker and performer. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with her over the past several years and I would recommend her services to anyone.” TYRONE NOONAN

“Jac Bowie is the slickest, swankest PR whiz on the planet. Before her first session of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, she was already getting major national press, including radio and TV. Her aesthetics are dazzling, her taste impeccable, and her promotion top knotch” MOLLY CRABAPPLE – DR SKETCHYS

“Jac Bowie is a well-disciplined, creative, enthusiastic and efficient producer of all the events I have attended as a sponsor and participant. This includes the Burlesque ball, DrSketchys Sydney and special events related to her capacity as creative director and producer of Jac Bowie International. Jac has also been of enormous assistance in helping produce our Byron Bay branch of DrSketchys, both with technical advice and set-up , as well as sourcing high-end models for our ongoing events. She is a pleasure to work with professionally and personally.” EVAN KOSACK – DR SKETCHY’S BYRON BAY

“Jac has the ability to conceptualise an entire event, plan, market and deliver the event with a great attention to detail and creating an inviting and exciting experience for the audience” KATIE BELL

“Jac has a vibrant personality and a can do attitude. I worked with her at PASH and was also involved in an event she ran. It was a great success and Jac put everything in to making it so.” JO KARABIN – PASH PARTIES

“Fun, innovative with clipboard always at the ready. Jac is a great person to work with and is at the centre of all reliable contacts in the Sydney Entertainment industry. If you need something and no one else can help, then you need Jac Bowie” MICHELLE LIA – PRIMA NOCTA

“Jac brings energy, pizzaz and creativity to every project she touches. You will love working with her.” ROLAND HANKEROOT

“Worked with Jac Bowie on a charity sponsorship and found her to be very professional with an eye for execution detail, where she delivered what was promised all with a healthy level of passion and fun.” SEAN KASSER – HEINEKEN

“JB is a media darling. Handy in an interview or with a whip, she is the gloss queen of spin, goss, promo and pop. She is too much fun to work with. You really need a license to have that much fun.” DAVID STEINHOFF – PRESENCE FILMS”


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