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Jason Bawden-Smith

Jason is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Speaker. He founded 4 companies during his business career, including one of largest (100 employees) and most successful ($30M revenue) contaminated land consultancy companies in Australia.

Always at the cusp of a wave, Jason was the first in Australia to introduce field portable x-ray fluorescence analytical technology into the mining industry in the 1990’s, touted as an ‘impossible application’ by the manufacturer.  It is now found on many exploration and mine sites around the world. JBS Technologies with no IP or product, was sold for $5.5M in 2008.

Jason is also the author of the book Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (foreword by Catherine Austin –Fitts). In his book, live presentations, and business adventures – Jason shares a powerful message. One that stresses the fundamental importance of purposeful play and self-governance – as it applies to creating businesses that will; unshackle human potential, unleash abundance and wealth, and enhance the quality of life on Earth.

Play. Purpose. Prosperity.

His experience, insight, and knowledge gained from over 20 years in business, is one that Conscious Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Aspiring Change-Makers to:

  • Discover an inspiring purpose for their life and business.
  • Generate healthy profits.

And more importantly – enjoy the invigorating journey, every step of the way


Motivational Quote

The Heart of Business is the purest expression of philanthropy. Im not talking about charity or altruism. I am talking about the soul of business. One that seeks, through fair exchange, aligned effort and joy to contribute an invaluable experience to peoples lives and enhance the quality of life on Earth..


Book Speakers for Any Budget +61 2 8005 4878

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