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Jill Kelly

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Jill Kelly is the author of an International Best Seller and the founder of Phoenix Rising Development. She is passionate about finding solutions to bullying and, the disconnection so many of us feel in an age of technical revolution. She strongly believes in the African proverb; “It takes a village to raise a child.”

She is an Anti-bullying specialist and is one of the brightest minds in training, coaching and consulting on the topic of BULLYING today. She incorporates three key aspects: life-transforming skills, development programs as well as professional coaching and mentoring.

For over 30 years, Jill has worked as a Secondary School English Teacher. She has always had a strong involvement in the welfare of young people and held the executive role of Head Teacher Welfare for over 10 years.

She has run and facilitated anti-bullying programs in schools and written and implemented anti-bullying policies. Jill designs and facilitates highly successful workshops with the focus on connectedness, self-respect and self-awareness.

She specialises in transforming the lives of people affected by bullying. Her sound knowledge of the effect of language and behaviour, plus her ability to put ideas into action through personal development ensures her clients’ success.

She holds formal qualifications in Education, Training, Coaching and Facilitating and is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Jill’s aim is to develop solutions that provide the next step in the conversation around bullying and she has developed programs to give people creativity, leadership and communication skills for transforming their lives.

Although she speaks about some of the most concerning topics facing society today, Jill presents in a warm and sometimes humorous manner that engages her audience.

Jill Kelly is an exceptional educator who brings a wealth of life experience and knowledge of youth programs to her role as a facilitator in a variety of group settings. Her ability to engage and inspire others is built on her empathy, confidence and extensive knowledge as a result of her continued research and learning. A published author in the area of “Bullying”, Jill’s expertise extends to a practical approach to a range of Youth Programs. She is a highly valued member of the Sydney District Rotary New Generations Program where her experience has been invaluable as Program Director.

Richard Booth

(Retired School Principal, Inspector of Schools and District Superintendent- Liverpool)

Currently chair of Rotary Youth Programs (Youth Leadership D9675)

“Jill’s coaching was the best thing I ever did. She helped me let go of years worth of anxiety and gut problems from the coaching sessions that I had. Jill also analysed a recurring dream that I’d been having for years and the outcome of that session was absolutely mind blowing. I’ll be forever grateful to Jill for that and the way it changed me as a person and my life for the better.”

Michelle Gorst
“Jill Kelly’s workshops are interactive, engaging and inspiring. Jill has a wonderful ability to get the best out of those she meets.”

Ben Saravia, NCIE (National Centre of Indigenous Excellence)”


Jill covers a wide variety of topics that help build bully-proof communities, including:
How to keep your child safe on-line
Knowing and understanding core values
Understanding the dynamics of bullying
Workplace bullying
Understanding language and how it affects behaviour
Knowing how to take responsibility and gain control
Knowing how to develop confidence and resilience
Understanding how to respect ourselves and others
Knowing how to get beyond fear
Happiness: you deserve it and you can have it!


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