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John Morris


Andrew is an international speaker on the art of fulfilment, the science of human potential and being a true leader.   He has authored the eBooks Striving to Thriving and The Heart of a Leader. 

Andrews own record of success and influence through authenticity while inspiring peak performance in others is impressive. A born speaker, he was 11 when he appeared in Speedos and neck tie to deliver News in Briefsto his first large adult audience. 

A senior executive early in his legal career, Andrew juggled his family of six, work teams of up to 80, personal multi-million dollar sales budgets and a passion for golf, always insisting on authenticity. The results included world class staff engagement, peak team-performance, sales growth up to 600% of budget and an A-grade handicap.

Now a recovered lawyer, Andrew has trained and coached thousands of people to access their personal power, bringing peace, authenticity and fulfilment to their lives.

He teaches simple, practical and proven techniques that get results, fast. Taught in a humorous and interactive way, audiences experience real change and are motivated to continue the journey once they leave. School children to CEOs are engaged and inspired by Andrews energetic and passionate delivery.

Since 2007, Andrew has turned his life into a living experiment, becoming a Clinical Practitioner of NLP and developing heart-centred techniques that lead to a transformation of life experience. In the process, Andrew has discovered for himself how we create our life, what true authenticity looks like, where wisdom commonly resides and that each of us has an incredible untapped potential. Finding the courage to live it is the challenge

Speaking Topics

Striving to Thriving

States of being always determine ways of doing, so how you think and feel will always define your results, regardless of your actions. Andrew teaches you how to break the cycle and get off the hamster wheel. Learn how to uncover the inspired action and synchronicity that the uncommonly fulfilled and successful take for granted. Life is about choices everyone leaves this session vowing to make better ones.

Walk of the Matador — Staying Up Instead of Down

When a professional matador enters the bullring, there is no easily predictable outcome and things can (and often do) go wrong. How does the bullfighter manage to enter the ring gracefully, purposefully, stylishly and full of confidence? Andrew will teach you the easy ways to manage mindset, emotions and outcomes in challenging confrontations of daily life. If time allows, be prepared to prance like a Matador bring a camera!

The Heart of a Leader

The fish rots from the head and leaders set the tone in every organisation. A born leader and communicator, Andrew teaches you how to motivate others and become the leader everyone wants to follow. Learn how to turn stress into challenge and get enthusiasm, energy and results from your team by working smarter, not harder. Youll laugh, blow off some steam and discover the easy way to be a great leader.


He is the best I’ve seen and I’ve had the privilege of seeing many.” –Philip Smith, MDRT Top of the Table Member, Australia

“…it is rare to get a speaker who can have the crowd snorting, walking around like depressed people, comparing us to trees, and talking about toroidal fields in the one presentation!!Thanks again for your willingness to engage with people so humorously and with such a genuine spirit. —Michelle Crawford, AHRI

You did a fabulous job. You were engaging, articulate and very well received as well as being a pleasure to work with. You have a gift for your work.”—Donna Kratzenberg, MDRT, USA

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