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Lynda Dyer

“I am responsible” is a huge gig for most people, and yet it’s the only way we as individuals can feel empowered enough to run our own lives, rather than being at the mercy of others. Learning how you can become responsible and empowered about who you are and bring your brilliance to the forefront is both a challenge and a thrill”


Award winning Lynda is known worldwide for her wealth of knowledge and down to earth, humorous presentation style. A born achiever, from humble beginnings, she started her career from the age of 11 years, running a tennis school for a Top Tennis Coach.

Winning the ‘Outstanding Young Australian Award’ for setting up a million dollar wellness centre in a hospital; one of only 58 people filmed for the Secret because she lives her material; Bob Proctors Number 1 Facilitator of the Asia Pacific Region, she continues to inspire thousands of people worldwide.


Lynda’s Topics

  • Lynda delivers engaging and thought provoking topics with practical skills and hands on applications to achieve your objectives and successful outcomes
  • She offers you practical ways for you to take action on and feel inspired with your options and outcomes
  • She offers all her presentations with an understanding of how each person represents the world and their unique learning styles including everyone
  • The skills and opportunities she offers you can be applied in every aspect of your life, both at work, at home, and in your personal life.

This was a great seminar. It’s just what I needed. I have spent years and years in my uncomfortable “Comfort Zone”. This seminar showed me that it is essential to have the courage, make a decision, take action, and move in the direction of my goal/dream.

Chris, Professional Speaker, Sydney


Lynda Dyer  Contact Information:

Mobile; 0418960366




Book Speakers for Any Budget +61 2 8005 4878

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