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Dr Neryl East, PhD

Neryl East

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Dr Neryl East is an experienced and engaging expert in reputation, media and communication. A former journalist and television news reader, Neryl is a business strategy specialist, author and sought-after speaker with vast experience working alongside government bodies, businesses and not-for-profits in managing the most valuable commodity of all for success – reputation. Neryl weaves compelling stories from her previous experience as an investigative journalist and her many years working as a reputation strategist and advisor into powerful presentations. She offers a clear and comprehensive formula for businesses to build their ‘reputation capital’, rather than being crippled by major public issues. A professional communicator for 30 years, Neryl specialises in helping businesses build a culture of greatness, solve critical issues, and stand out for all the right reasons in today’s reputation-driven economy.

Experienced Public Speaker

Recipient of the prestigious Kerrie Nairn Scholarship by the National Speakers Association of Australia in 2012, Neryl’s tailored presentations will give you new tools to create a stand-out culture in your organisation.

“Neryl is electric…she lights up the room.” —Deb Ganderton, Executive Manager of Communications, City of Boroondara (Melbourne)

“Neryl is an energetic and expressive speaker with a deep knowledge in her area of expertise. I would highly recommend Neryl.” —Suzy Jacobs, Founder, SHE Business

Published Author

Neryl’s ability to ask the tough questions and produce cut-through insights has led to international writing commissions and high-profile publications on reputation.

With skills honed over decades in news-gathering and corporate communication and a PhD in Journalism, Neryl’s writing hits the mark every time.

Expert in Reputation Building

In the highly competitive modern world, you are operating in a ‘Reputation Economy’, where people instantly judge your business based on what they’ve heard about you, rather than on what you actually do. In these days of instant global communication, one public slip-up can be catastrophic.

Neryl East knows the engine rooms of business and government, and is called on to advise leadership teams on strategies for reputation building, positive communication and how to stand out for the right reasons.

Neryl’s presentations will help you discover:

  1. How having a great reputation drives enterprise value;
  2. Four ways to build ‘reputation capital’ in yourself, your team and your whole organisation;
  3. How to move away from disingenuous ‘spin’ and develop an authentic reputationfrom the inside out.

Media Strategy Specialist

Your business or government agency is today under scrutiny from traditional media sources as well as pervasive social media. Neryl applies the insights from her extensive media career to help you avoid common media pitfalls that could prove disastrous in the age of instant communication.

Neryl also specialises in offering advice on how to stand out and be known for the right reasons in the social media age. Your reputation is precious and vulnerable, and she will help you actively nurture it, and ferociously defend it.

“In my many years of local government management, I’ve not come across anyone with the range of skills and experience that she offers.” —Michael Willis, General Manager – Shellharbour City Council

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