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Nicola Grace

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Elevate your purpose

“By shifting our purpose from making money to making a difference, we transform the world. Aligning profit to purpose elevates us all. “


About Nicola

Expert on: author, speaker, business coach, entrepreneur, transformational trainer, mission mentor. 

Nicola is principal owner of The Mission Mentor, with more than twenty years of speaking, educating and mentoring. She uses her visionary and intuitive insights to inspire people and help them create a greater vision for themselves and to see the full potential of their business.

Having survived cancer and business ruins, Nicole has become a six time best selling author and has delivered hundreds of engaging workshops and inspirational talks to thousands of business owners in three continents.

Her expert insights were first captured in a ground-breaking book, Ready Aim Captivate, alongside of contributions from visionary Deepak Chopra and Emmy Award Winner, Jim Stoval.

As an Award Winning Mission Strategist, Nicola worked tirelessly to defeat hostile legislation in New Zealand’s Natural Health Industry that, according to government stats, would have shut down more than 85% of the industry. She accomplished in six months, what had eluded the industry for seven years.

Leaving university six months shy of graduation due to personal difficulties, Nicola went on to become a serial entrepreneurial that included successful businesses in diverse industries, such as internet marketing, corporate training, and organic day spas.

Today, people want real solutions and honest results. Nicole has learned to transform companies, entertain and motivate its workers. Where others aspire to be motivational and transactional, Nicola offers transformation.


Her humanitarian work includes……..

Her vision is to help you elevate yourself and your mission for the greatest good of all.


A Partial Client list:

First Flight Flower Essences

Inspired Creations

Natural Health Alliance

Graceful Transitions


Program Information:

Unlock Purposeful Profits: How to get more out of business and life.

Based on: “How to get more out of business and life.”

In this keynote address, with lessons from the past, Nicola moves the audience into seeing their inspired future where profit meets purpose. A shift from a contractions and austerity mentality to seeing unlimited potential brings forth a paradigm shift that demonstrates the advantages created by the new relationship economy.  She will open your eyes to the multi-millions of dollars lying dormant in your business when you realign your business with a greater purpose.


Monetize Your Mission For World Change

Based on:  “Discover What You Are Here To Do.”

In this program Nicola leads entrepreneurs and business owners through a revolutionary new 5 step model for creating a socially conscious business with a triple bottom line of Purpose, Planet, Prosperity for All. She reveals the blueprint for how the transition from making money for the sake of money to making you rich  while making a difference that will transform the world and give you more meaning and fulfilment.

Nicola’s talks and workshops are practical, entertaining and results oriented. Her formulas can be applied to idea incubation, start up, culture change, intrapreneurship and team building at every level of your business.


What clients say:

“Nicola is a truly dynamic presence in her field. She is a forthright and inspirational speaker, uplifting others with her incredible commitment to her life’s work and life journey.” Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, Entrepreneur, Business Owner First Flight Flower Essences
“Nicola is a dynamic presenter and facilitator of change at a very high level. Her integrity is unparalleled, her enthusiasm and laughter contagious. Nicola will empower your team to greater heights of awareness and fulfillment. I highly recommend her.”
Jacqui Oliver, Business Owner Inspired Creations
“I was privileged to work with Nicola using her 10 Step Master Plan that made history and helped save an industry from an irreversible and disastrous event. Her plan harnessed the resources of a diverse group and was pivotal in the achievement of what seemed at the outset to be an impossible mission to victory. She inspired me and many others during a very intense time, as a confident and charismatic leader. Her certainty of purpose whether meeting with industry leaders, politicians, media or the public helped to turn the tide at a time when many regarded the mission to be as good as lost. While many speakers are all talk and no action, Nicola excels at both. I’ve seen how she can inspire and lift the spirits of a room of despondent men and women. I’m confident she can inspire you, your team or audience too.”
Eric Blankenbyl, Natural Health Alliance
“Nicola Grace has a terrific energy. Her dynamic way of bringing an audience to the point of transformation is unique and inspiring. She brings clarity to complex concepts and makes them easy for people to not only understand, but begin to experience. One hour with Nicola is such good value she’ll have you believing you can transform the world. I highly recommend you book her.”
Reverand Margo Knox, Business Owner Graceful Transitions

“I was Managing Director of a manufacturing company that could have gone under, along with 300 other businesses unless we stopped an irreversible tragic event about to take place. Collectively we had made many attempts to save our industry but were failing. We had no clear cohesive plan, just angst. Then this knowledgeable strategic and professional woman came along with her MASTER PLAN. WOW! Nicola inspired me to step up in a way I didn’t know was achievable. She taught me the importance of staying focused with your eye on the end Vision and not getting side tracked, and helped an entire industry gain certain victory. Nicola is a passionate visionary with honesty and personal power she infectiously transfers to you, makes you believe you can accomplish the impossible. If you get a once in a life time chance to work with her, I highly recommend you pounce on it.” Eve Johnson, Business Owner, Entrepreneur



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