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Nkandu Beltz

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Imagine a world where we all cared for each other a little more. A place where we are a little kinder and give what we have, even if all we have to give is a smile.

For over two decades, this passionate human rights activist has been a voice for the voiceless, and has found the courage to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves – and yet she still has so much to give.

Growing up in Zambia, Nkandu was acutely aware of the social disparity she and many others faced. The injustice was overwhelming for the free-spirited young girl, and not something she could easily ignore. Encouraged by her father to stand up for what she believed in, Nkandu began petitioning for girl child rights. She was just ten years old.

Making change in the world is in everything she does. Whether she’s mentoring young people, developing a new community program or raising awareness for important issues like HIV/AIDS and domestic violence, Nkandu is devoted to helping others live a better life.

This social change-maker, philanthropist, speaker and author has been recognised for her work in community groups across cultures and in developing successful initiatives, such as the Youth Empowerment Program Australia (YEPA). Among her greatest accomplishments are the opportunities she’s had to meet and interview a number of important social leaders, including his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Inspired by her mother’s determination to provide for her family in a tough economic climate, Nkandu believes that we all have the power make the best of any situation. Throughout life, we are confronted by our own set of challenges, but it is how we choose to act in these situations that leads us to greatness. The key is never giving up.

Nkandu is an International speaker, Author and Change Maker



“Nkandu Beltz is a visionary leader moving the world forward through her dedication to evolving the human race. Using the techniques born out of Ubuntu, an African Philosophy, she is making a real difference in the world and her book “I have The Power” is just one of many ways you too can experience her wisdom. If you think is time to awaken to the oneness of humanity and become a catalyst for social change read her book today”.

Benjamin J Harvey- International Best Selling Author, Educator and Founder of Authentic Education.



  • Youth Empowerment
  • Self-Leadership
  • Unlocking Your Potential
  • Women in business how to have it all
  • Self worth and Self-Net balancing all areas of your life
  • Disruptive environments can be great
  • From Straggle street to Success streets
  • Ubuntu an African Philosophy that applies to everything and everyone on this planet.


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“Many People are talented, but only a few distinguish themselves. The ability to rise above lies more in effort than talent”



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