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Stavroula Zandes


Stavroula Zandes has a background in psychology and worked with Quit Victoria, the Cancer Council of Victoria, for 20 years in tobacco control.

She has a deep passion for, and commitment to people’s health and wellbeing. She founded Health & Wellbeing Training Consultants in 2013 to inspire, educate and motivate positive behaviour change in her clients.

Stav has a strong understanding of behaviour change principles and uses her excellent counselling and motivational interviewing skills to motivate, encourage and support change.

Stav provides education on a range of lifestyle topics to help individuals improve their health and wellbeing. Topics include a generic session on health and wellbeing and specific sessions on achieving a healthy work-life balance, mindfulness, stress management, weight management, smoking cessation and relapse management.

Research shows that health and wellbeing programs in the workplace improve staff morale, productivity, and work fulfilment, and also help to reduce staff absenteeism and presenteeism.

Stav provides evidence-based and motivating sessions where participants are encouraged to make positive changes in their daily practice. Participants’ comments include:

“motivating, relaxed and informative” “very engaging and approachable”
“thought provoking and brilliant” “one of the best presenters I have ever seen!”
“fantastic session” “fun approach” “insightful and stimulating”
“great evidence-based presentation” “enthusiastic and passionate”
“very well delivered — relevant information and practical strategies to implement”

Stav has presented throughout Victoria, interstate, and overseas in Kiribati, one of the South Pacific islands. She has presented at many conferences, including the International Tobacco Control Conference in Washington DC, several Oceania Tobacco Control Conferences, QASEL’s Special Education Teachers’ Conference and the World Cancer Conference.
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