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Tanya Finnie

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Tanya Finnie is an expert in building relations and installing confidence in individuals. A fascinating nomadic up-bringing, gave Tanya valuable experience living and working in various countries in Europe, Africa and the last decade – Australia.

She has had previous successful businesses in two different countries and is now based in Perth, Australia. She consulted in a variety of rural community and government based projects throughout Africa and Western Australia – all with the aim to bring communication skills to the next level. Her real superpower is her expertise as a high performing culture guru. Whether it is ethical cultures, gender differences, generational challenges or simply the fact that different organisational departments seem to speak different languages, Tanya is the person to call

Tanya has extensive lecturing and facilitation experience, as well as conducting professional development, implementing leadership programs and executive coaching in the corporate environment. She delivers vibrant keynote talks and is a vivacious Master of Ceremonies.

Her background in anthropology and the tourism sector across various continents, was the seed for her passion to bring people together, through building rapport and culturally appropriate communication.


Her qualifications include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Development,
  • Bachelor of Commerce Tourism Management,
  • Accredited Advanced CQ (Cultural Intelligence) Facilitator,
  • Advanced DISC Facilitator
  • Diploma in Public Speaking,
  • Diploma in Human Resources,
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment,
  • Certificate IV in Leadership and
  • Certificate IV in Front Office Management.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations.  It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted by scholars around the world. Leading organisations in business, education, government and healthcare are adopting CQ as a key component of personnel development and competitive advantage.

Research demonstrates several consistent results for individuals and organisations that improve CQ, including:

  • More effective Cross-Cultural Adaptability and Decision Making
  • Enhanced Job Performance
  • Improved Creativity and Innovation
  • Increased Profitability and Cost Savings
  • Enriched Situational Awareness


Book Speakers for Any Budget +61 2 8005 4878

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